Farm Road

Rock and Puddle

Rutted Road

Turn and Tree

Summer's Growth

Tree Island

Sudden Stop

Frosty Dawn

Round Puddle

Rocky Way

Small Window

Corn Rows

Left Turn


Sunrise in Puddle

Potatoes to Infinity

Two Trees

Stocks and Shadbush Leaves

Hydrangea Sunrise

Wing and a Prayer

Baroque Lilies

Cascading Petals

Sweetpea Reflected

Dried Sunflowers

Last Wish

Wild Dreaming Aster

Euphorbia Waterfalling

Larch on a Hill

Mirrored Lysianthus

In Memory


Anemone Buds

With Leaves of Grass

Icebound Stream

Rocks in a Row

Pine Tip

Miller Pond #2

Sweetpea #2

Stonewall with Tree

Hosta and Royal Fern

Saplings at Sunset

Sapling and Rocks

Trunk and Roots

Foggy Park

Sweetpea #1

Miller Pond #1

Red Stems

Anemone Stems


Chipmunk Hole

Wild Cucumber

Wet Pansy Stem

Spiral Fern

Moss and Ice

Anemone Hupehensis

Trillium with Fern

Pitcher Plant

Autumn Azalea

Streambed Snow

Straw Flowers

Brook Ice

Sedge and Sky

Frosted Azalea

Gold Evening

Quabbin Swamp with Clouds

New Leaves on Deadfall

Sunrise over Cattails

Amalanchier and Maple

Green Brook

Ice Crystals and Rocks

Icy Swamp with Tufts of Grass

Red Maple

Leaves in Water

Swimming Hole

Blue Running Water

Snow Dusted Rock

Mill River Rock

Trees in Puddle

Hilltop Birches


Farm Road